How to Date a Cougar

How to Date a Cougar

Date a Cougar A cougar, unlike a young girl, is a woman who has most probably dated in her life, but because of one reason or another she could not stay in a relationship. 

The first thing to consider when dating a cougar is how you are going to meet her emotional needs and desires. 

The age disparity is usually high, and this becomes an issue of concern. Older woman sexual desires are usually high, and the desires are at the peak when she is in her early forties. These are the very first effects that you must be aware of when dating a cougar.

Know specific characteristics of a cougar before engaging her. 

A cougar is experienced and does not fear to initiate the first date. Therefore, you must present yourself with maturity in order not to lose her attention. A cougar gives love another chance by practicing a fair share when dating. This means that you should never talk to her as if she is a sex object. She will accept dating you not because you are her last resort for sexual pleasures, but because she is attracted to you. A cougar seeks for a real relationship that is accompanied by romance, intimacy and commitment.

Being hot should be your first move. 

Maintain your good looks by advancing your outfit. For instance, do not wear as a junky or a casual worker and expect to win a cougar’s heart. Always hang out in classy night clubs, big events, and parties. Such are the places you are most likely to meet a beautiful older woman. When you meet that perfect woman, plan an astonishing dinner. Make sure the dinner is not at your place, since she might conclude that you only need her for sex. Take her to one of the calmest places in town. Do the following at your dinner date: make frequent eye contact with her, this shows confidence; smile regularly, this shows that your mind is mainly focused on her and not someone else; and do not utter anything stupid.

To a cougar, you are not only her lover, but also her baby. 

She has gone through many events, and she has much knowledge and experience to share. In view of that, it is your responsibility to give her adequate time when dating to share her experiences and knowledge with you. The most imperative thing that you must at all times remind yourself is that she has money, and what she wants from you are love and affection.