Ladies who are Celebrity Cougars

Ladies who are Celebrity Cougars

Dating proves to have no any age limits among the partners who are attracted to each other. Cougar dating is more seen among the celebrities in the world. Cougar dating commonly refers to a relationship where the woman is older than the man. In most cases, such relationships are built on sex matters or even real marriages as shown some celebrity women. Love has no boundaries whenever it strikes the right partners, age differences among other factors are thrown deep into the oceans. This article will just show you that you can continue with your idea to date a person who is much younger than you. Let's get started with these cougars that are happy in their age gap relationships.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez is a celebrity cougar who is dating Casper Smart, yet she's older than him by 18 years. 

Their love started after their split in 2011 with Marc Antony whom she was in a relationship with for seven years. Who said a difference of 18 years in a relationship is many? Jennifer Lopez proves you wrong since she is 43 years old!

Sharon StoneSharon Stone is another lady who is enjoying her advanced age with a younger man. 

She is 55 years old, and celebrity news says she's 27 years older than Martin Mica. Sharon, who has been having issues with this Argentine model for a while, proves that cougar dating exists even with celebrity ladies.

Kathy GriffinKathy Griffin is among the celebrity who has shown that cougar dating indeed exists, and she's a happy woman. 

Even at 52 years of age, no one would think that she would date Randy Bick. The age difference between the two love birds is almost 20 years. She openly said in an interview with Larry King that she is happy with her man. Randy, who is 33 years old, is the young dude who occupies the heart of this beautiful woman.

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria had been dating Tony Parker, an NBA star before filing for a divorce. 

Tony was seven years younger than her woman Eva. Despite the divorce, Eva has not ceased dating young men, and this is something she can't just stop. The hot woman has what it takes to date younger men of her choice.

To end, celebrity cougars are satisfied in their relationships with younger men. Confidence makes everything work according to their way. They don't get ashamed to walk or drive through the big towns with younger partners. According to research, dating a younger man makes a woman younger! Many of these cougars seem to have a good time all round the clock even when they have demanding careers such as acting. To anyone who feels like they can date a cougar, don't sit on your tail. Make it happen and you will enjoy your life!