Professional Tips of Dating a Cougar

Professional Tips of Dating a Cougar

Dating a Cougar
Cougar dating younger men relationship is just the perfect companionship younger men should seek, if one wants to do away with the neediness of younger girls. The following tips are important when dating a cougar.


A cougar will always want to be around a younger man who seems to know how to hold his own in any given situation. Women in their forties desire to feel protected and secured as far as dating is concerned. By protected and secured, it means that you should be able to present yourself as a man who can handle her publicly without feeling shy. You do not necessarily have to spend millions on her, since cougars are developed financially. Confidence will make you appear attractive to her regardless of your current financial status.

Flirting and Attraction

Flirting has to go along with attraction. A cougar might think that you are kind of cute; however, if you cannot get through to her when you are flirting with her. You may end up losing her altogether. You need to play flirting games with a matured woman in order to build her attraction for you. This will also make you seem to be much more appealing to her. In most cases, a cougar will give you all indications that she is after pleasure. She might wear a flirting skirt and a sexy blouse exposing her cleavage or wear a sexy dinner dress with an irresistible cleavage. Therefore, it all comes to you to make her feel eighteen again, and she will all be yours.

Talk About Positive Topics

Older women dating younger men like positive topics. You should not at any instant in time discuss about problems; instead you should focus your topics on interesting phenomenon, good news, and funny stories. If you want to make a good impression on her; then always ensure each topic you talk about is the best one. The topics you engage when out on a date with her should depict who you are. The best way to make this possible is by ensuring that you are always smartly dressed. When you are smart, you give the message of confidence, prosperity and success. Any older woman will want you if you are able to be the man with the above attributes.

Be Realistic

As a younger man dating cougars, you should already know the full extent of what to expect in a matured woman. Princess charming does not exist, and a cougar is not going to go out of her way to do whatever you want her to do if she does not feel that you appreciate her for it. It is actually a lot worse when you cannot do anything for her in return. When you are planning on dating a cougar, it is good to think about what she is able to provide you with, but you also have to think about what you can provide for her as far as making her happy is concerned. If you are going to expect too much from a matured woman, it is not going to be a surprise when she rejects you for someone else because you could not live up to her expectations.