5 Dos and 5 Don'ts for Picking Up a Cougar Woman

5 Dos and 5 Don'ts for Picking Up a Cougar Woman

A cougar woman refers to a woman who wants to have a sexual relationship with a younger man. That's so interesting. It's a kind of arrangement, and cougar matching is happening often. The cougar is quite experienced when it comes to bedroom affairs, and she wants to explore something new in a younger man. For cougar women, sleeping with a young man makes them feel good. Other cougar women argue that young men make them feel younger. All in all, both the cougar and the younger man will have a sexual relationship with each other since it doesn't matter who got attracted to who first! With many young men getting attracted to mature women, we thought it's wise to share the Dos and Don'ts when you finally decide to hunt a cougar woman.


Compliments. Everybody likes to be complimented especially by people who are close to them. You should learn how to compliment your woman and how to do it. Maybe it's just her look or something else. Note: don't overdo it!

Be interesting. Boring men have low chances of winning women. You just need to keep your woman happy. It becomes possible once you've known the kind of person your woman is.

Respect her friends. If you can be able to keep the boundaries with your woman's friends, the better it will be for you. You should not plan on how to lay all her friends!

Have boundaries. This should happen when you are still enjoying your 1st and 2nd dates. The two of you should decide on what kind of relationship that you are after to avoid regrets and hard feelings later. That way, you will have an idea about your relationship and where you are heading.

Make her feel comfortable. As a young man, you can do this by not going against her expectations from you. If she does not want you to visit her at home, please don't. If she expects you to do something for her kids, then it's your duty to do it so as to make her feel comfortable.


The question about age should not come out of your mouth. This question will somehow make the cougar woman drift her attention from you. She might realize that you are too much younger for her! Therefore, this question should be kept in store until you two understand each other and you have spent a good time together.

Don't act young. If you are ready to interact with a cougar woman, display high levels of maturity and this is what will make her want you more. Just have in mind that age has nothing to do with being successful in wooing a cougar, you need to be that man who she's tirelessly waiting to hit on her!

You better not ask about the kids. This is where many young men go wrong when they are on a mission to win a cougar. Kids have nothing to do with your relationship. Such a question offends the cougar, and she might choose to walk away from you or even go silent.

Don't take her for granted. Having met your cougar woman in club or website does not mean that you can disrespect her. Treat her like your girlfriend and everything else will run smoothly. She still needs to feel wanted.

Don't call her names! You can use good titles such as sweetheart among others, but the one you should avoid at most is calling your woman a cougar. That would be disrespecting her. Even after sharing a bed with her, remain to be good man just like you were before having the "beautiful night" together.