How to Feel Sexy when You are a Cougar

How to Feel Sexy when You are a Cougar

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'Cougar' is as far as men are concerned a task similar to being a typical girl. If you want all the cubs to come running at you at the club or turn all necks on the streets, then you have to master the art. It is not that hard if you think about at it. With the right attitude and adherence to the things are about to stipulate for you below you can bet you are on the right track. Looking good starts from the inside. If you want to impress physically, it has to start from feeling good and what better way to feel better than modeling the cougar you want the boys to see in you. Here are some of the tips to buy you that ticket to cougar town while feeling sexy and on demand:

Be yourself

By qualifying to be called a cougar, it means you are obviously not in your twenties anymore. That said, then you have no business trying to look or act like a twenty something girl. You could do some additions here and there to rock that sexy but don't dressing or wearing to look like the teenager you are not. Owning your age may just be your first step towards feeling and looking sexy as a cougar.

Update your wardrobe

Sexy cougars are known to be first on trend so if you want to feel like the all-time hot cougar, go for the runway ready closet! It doesn't, however, mean that you stress yourself with all the designer clotheslines that you probably cannot afford. It means choosing clothes that make you look smoking hot while flattering your body at the same time. Flaunt those legs and the curves make the sugar boys die to have them.

Get in shape

Put your mind into it! Visit the gym and get yourself the kind of body that you feel perfectly fine in. In the muscle bulging battle, make sure you emerge a victor with all your curves toned that you don't have to introduce yourself anymore. You don't even have to look like the runway models, just enough to make you feel sexy.

Show them you are independent

Try wearing independent in everything you do, and you will be surprised how much it bolsters your confidence. 'Cougar' calls for both emotional and financial independence. Nothing compares to making the boys know you don't need them even if you want them. With this level of sexy, even a rejection would not mean a thing to you since you know you still got it!

Of course being a cougar also requires being smart, but this does not have to stress you up. Nothing shouts sexy more than a confident cougar who knows precisely what she wants. With the many years of experience and the ability to bring out the best in themselves, the young woman doesn't stand a chance in this battle. In fact, implement these tips, get yourself out there and watch them race towards you. It all starts with you.