Are Cougars all Rich Women?

Are Cougars all Rich Women?

Rich Women
Cougar women are a group of mature women who are over 35 years old. They like to date with men younger than them. Dating younger guys will let them feel the young vitality once again. Mature men for them are just some boring existences. At the same time, there are also some young men who like to date with mature women. For them, part of the cougars is experienced in life; they are able to teach young guys a lot of things. Part of the cougars is very hot, they understand the real needs of men and they can provide them. There are still some cougars, they are very rich. They have a successful career and superior living conditions. They are able to do some financial supports to their younger guys.

But are cougars All rich women?

Of course the answer is no. Only part of cougars is rich. As we all know, cougars are mature women who like dating younger guys. Why are they called cougars? It is not because they are rich. It’s because they are hot and they are hunting cubs who are young. However, young guys are more willing to find a cougar woman who is richer than normal cougars. Why?

1. Rich cougars offer young guys whatever a normal cougar can offer. Rich cougars are as same as normal cougars. They are experienced and they are hot in and out of the bedroom. They know how to please a man and they know what a man really wants. No matter what cougar women can offer to a man, rich cougars can offer more.

2. Rich cougar women are wealthier. Most of rich cougars have their own business. They may be tough in company. But they are soft when dating with younger guys. For young guys, they not only need a hot and beautiful mature woman but also want more financial support. They may not ask cougars for money, but some small gifts or surprises are ok.

Rich women dating is very easy to some handsome young guys. All the rich cougars need is your good appearance and dynamic. Therefore, when you are looking for a cougar, why not choose a richer one?