How to Seduce a Cougar?

How to Seduce a Cougar?

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Older women know what they want, and don't fear to show what they really think. They are confident and self-sufficient, and they are in great demand when men of the same age have no longer sexual desire. In this case, how do you seduce these women? Read the steps below and maybe you'll know the answer.

1. Release confidence

Cougars like confident men. They need to feel your ability to deal with complex problems in life, rather than letting them teach you. Even if you don't feel confident in front of a cougar, you have to pretend to be confident until you really do.

2. Attract her attention

Remember, you're facing a cougar. You have to show great interest in politics, books, music, and so on. In short, things that can show you have a wide range of interests. If you don't have any great achievements, talk about what you want to do. If you're much younger, don't talk things about your friends or your peers, or she'll feel really old.

3. Pay attention to her merits

Although you can't conquer her by complimenting her, you have something that you like about her, and appreciate some of her own features. Is she a passionate person? If she is, you should also be passionate to her; if she likes to touch you when you talk, you have to touch her. Is she sexy? Let her know that she looks very attractive to you.

4. Make her think you're independent

Cougars appreciate men who are self-sufficiency. If you're a puppy, sticking people might work, but you can't do that. Talk to her about your hobbies, your favorite sports, or what you're doing, or talk about your efforts to improve your personality.

5. Take her out on a date

When you are going out to dinner or movies with girls at your age, it’s ok to bring some beer or a bottle of cheap wine. But for the cougar you found on some free cougar dating sites, you have to work harder to conquer her. Find out what she likes, gourmet or classic red wine, or spend some time in her favorite place.

6. To be a gentleman

If you want to conquer a cougar, tell her that she's beautiful. You have to open the door for her, and hold the chair for her when she sits down. If she can't lift the weight, you lift it. It's these little things that show her you're a man or a little boy who tries to please her.

7. Use the advantage of your age

You don't have to be embarrassed or shy because you're younger than her. You have to think about the qualities of men at your age. You are full of vigour and attractive, there is no pressure burden ebullience can overwhelm you.

8. Tell her honestly that you want to have sex with her

If you want to have sex with a cougar, you must be honest and open minded. Of course, you can't be rude. If you're dating and doing well, don't be too shy to show your intentions. You should tell her you found unbelievable attraction from her body, and you are willing to spend the night with her.

9. Make her want you again

After having sex with her, you should not say it's the most memorable thing you've ever had in your life. You should tell her you will call her again. You can call her in a few days if you like. If she knows your life is busy and interesting, but you can spend the night with her, she will be very happy to wait for your call.

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