Useful Dating Tips that Cougars Offer to Young Men

Useful Dating Tips that Cougars Offer to Young Men

cougarsToday, personal life is becoming more and more open. However, there are many good boys who can only watch the girls they like to be taken away because they don't know how to communicate with girls. Maybe the world is just so unfair. There are not so many love stories like movie plots in reality. Here are some dating tips that experienced cougars offer to honest and stiff boys, hope these tips will be helpful.

1. Don't do nothing but wait and try to show yourself

Don't wait for a girl to talk to you; although there is such a possibility, it is very rare. Girls’ choice of a boyfriend is really like shopping for clothes. If there's nothing to attract them, they will go to the next store right away. Even if you are a shy boy, you should try to show yourself and let others notice you. You should participate activities in schools, units, and society as much as possible, and try to show your best ability. Although joining in these activities can not always get in touch with girls directly, it can make more girls notice you. You may not be perfect, but it doesn't matter. You don't need to think about how many people will appreciate you. Because as long as there are several or even one girl appreciative you, you will have a successful start.

2. Take the first step bravely

It's hard to begin with everything. Don't let the men around the girls frighten you. Men, who are good at chasing women, have two points in common: They are very bold and thick skinned. As long as you are courteous and generous, they will not refuse a friendly greeting and a sunny smile. This may be your first step towards love.

3. Don't be afraid of defeat again, because you just need one success

Don't be afraid of being rejected. It is not your fault that a girl does not appreciate you, just as you do not appreciate a girl and it’s not her fault. It doesn't matter even if you are rejected by one hundred girls. What you need is one success. Only womanizers will count the success rate of chasing women; sincere men only yearn for a lifetime fate.

4. Enter the girl's world

Although you may be a financial expert, an entrepreneurial genius, you and the girl are not always intersected. At this time, you have to take the initiative to get into her world. You should find out the most popular autumn style of wedgies in summer; or remember who her most favorite super stars are. Even if you do know her much now, you should try your best to know her more. If you can get these things together, you'll be able to surprise her with one after another, and then enjoy her love for you.

5. Become her glory

Women are vain, and women are always comparing their men. You should let her know your talents, strengths, achievements, knowledge, and all the good things; she will exaggerate ten times to tell her friends. The expression of envy and jealousy of others is your bonus factor.

No matter you are dating a girl at your age or you are in an older women dating, these tips will be helpful.