Thinking of Cougar Dating? Here are 5 Tips for Cubs!

Thinking of Cougar Dating? Here are 5 Tips for Cubs!

Thinking of registering on a local cougar dating site? Do you feel that you have enough knowledge to become a star among cougars? No matter how much awareness you have about cougars, you still might not be an expert on how to catch a cougar. You might miss a golden opportunity to seduce a rich cougar.

Stressed now? Don't worry!

On the behalf of sexy, rich older women who are looking for a younger partner, here are the tips you can implement to hunt a cougar:

Know the type of Cougar

You might be surprised to know, but it's true. You will find two types of cougars on free cougar sites – Alpha and Beta. The former kind of women are intelligent, independent, confident, and are looking for a sexual relationship. While the latter kind of women are just searching for someone who could make them feel special all the time.

If you want to impress your friends, win a bet, or learn a few fascinating things from older women, prefer Alpha cougars.

Be Creative

Always bear in mind that it's your chase, not theirs. They have got a very fulfilling life, it's you who need them more. So, trying to make her smile with pick-up lines or getting her number won't be a victory. Be more creative and impress her. Otherwise, another cub might take the opportunity.

Show Punctuality

Once you find an older lady on a local cougar dating site and have convinced her for a meet, be on time. Never make her wait. And certainly not postpone or cancel the plan saying you are busy or just too tired to leave the bed. Cougars hate this.

Never Create Drama

Botox treatments might have disguised the wrinkles, but they do exist. And older women have earned them with a lifetime of experience in dating. So, don't expect that they will handle all your tantrums. They don't give a damn about such immature things. So, behave accordingly.

Don't Compare to Your Ex

A woman you met on one of the free cougar sites won't act like your ex-girlfriend. She won't cry when you judge her looks. She won't ask you in the mid of sleep what you feel for her. She has earned years of experience. She is confident and independent. Your opinions do not have much pull. So, clear your doubts.

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