Online Cougar Dating: What Not to Do When Dating a Younger Guy

Online Cougar Dating: What Not to Do When Dating a Younger Guy

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Not just young guys, many times older women also make silly mistakes while dating a cub. To ensure that you do not fall into the list of those cougars, check out the following things you should not do in online cougar dating:

Don't try to dress up like the 20s

Ladies, please don't try to look like those girls in 20s. You won't be able to impress your cub by this. Rather, you might ruin your relationship. Always keep in mind why he preferred online cougar dating over moving into with someone of his age. Therefore, just be yourself. Wear those flowy tops and your sexy smile when you meet him.

Don't act to be a Party girl

Your body has changed a lot – admit it.  You won't be able to party too hard late night. Therefore, simply refuse such proposals. Plus, remember that men love class. Be a lady of class, instead of being a party girl.

Don't pay bills all the time

It might be possible that he registered on online cougar dating sites to get some money. But, it is good to let him pay once in a while and feel good. The best way to decide when you should pay and when not is going to places that you have visited before and he hadn't, and vice versa. When you take him out, you pay. Whereas, when he takes you out, he will pay. This will maintain a balance between you two and make your relationship better.

Don't hide about Your Kids

It's completely fine to let him know about your family and kids. You need not hide from them or send them outside whenever you plan to spend some quality time with your cub. This will make him or you guilty, which will ruin your relationship. Therefore, be transparent and add special moments to your bond.

Don't dump someone of Your Age

A cub would never like being chosen as a better option for men of your age. Therefore, never complain about guys of your age. Just let him feel special and create moments. This is what you both have actually registered on dating sites for cougars, right?

Don't try to be His Mom

No matter what happens, never correct his grammar and irritate him in the mid of the conversation. Listen to him – don't try to be his mom. He would hate it. Besides, he would never think of having sex with someone with a motherly image. Therefore, back off whenever you feel like ruling his life like a mother.

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