Best Cougar App Tips for Younger Men

Best Cougar App Tips for Younger Men

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If you are someone in search of casual hook-ups and not a lifetime partner, it is likely that you would be planning to register on a cougar app. Great Step! However, there is not a safe one always. There's much more than love, fame and sex into this type of dating.

To ensure that you get familiar with the cougar dating from inside out and enjoy the time, here are a few tips to follow religiously:

Pick Profile Picture that Represents You

When it comes to uploading your picture on a cougar app, be selective. Choose a picture that represents you – that highlights your best features. Pick a picture that tells more about you. For example, if you love horse riding, select a picture with a horse. Similarly, if you are a party lover, upload pictures of your last weekend party. This will help the potential cougar woman show interest in you.

Another thing to consider while selecting your profile picture is to choose a solo picture. A group picture can make it difficult for older ladies to recognize you. Therefore, better prefer a solo picture or accompany a groupie with a selfie.

Use a Private Number

Never ever use your personal number for calling or texting. Your personal number can be easily traced and can also be employed to check your social media activities (if added on any). This can create a trouble if you get into a relationship with a weirdo. Therefore, always prefer using a private number.

Be Available at Peak Time

Surprisingly, every cougar dating app has a particular time when most of the people are active. Find out that sweet spot and increase your chances to find a cougar woman.

Don't Feel Compelled to Meet

Exchanging hundreds of emails, chats and calls is not a parameter to decide when to meet your partner. If you are not comfortable with meeting face-to-face, say directly. If she is truly into you, she would understand and support you. And in extreme cases, she would suggest meeting in some public place in the daytime hours.

Decide the Meeting Venue

To be on a safe side, take the opportunity to decide the venue. Choose a location you are familiar with (better in a public place).

Take Alternative Routes to Home

Besides choosing a public place, keep in mind to return from alternative routes. Tell your cougar woman that you are planning to meet a friend or have some work outside while leaving. Also, keep an eye on the rear-view mirror to make it certain that you are not followed.

Inform a Friend

No matter how secretive you want this relationship to be, it is recommended to tell at least one friend. Tell him about everything you have, how you came closer, when you are going to meet and where. You can also ask him to call you once to check if you have reached home safely.