Cougar Online Dating Exclusive: Why Rich Women Date Guys Earning Less

Cougar Online Dating Exclusive: Why Rich Women Date Guys Earning Less

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You have just entered into the world of cougar online dating. You are implementing all of the cougar dating rules we shared - how to build a perfect profile, activities you need to consider for impressing a cougar woman, and the easy ways to seduce a cougar. Good! However, is there something still bothering you? Is it the fact that you earn really less when compared to a cougar? Do you think that she will kick you out of her world because you are too poor? If so, let me reveal this secret: Rich Women Love Dating Guys Who Earn Less Than Them.

Wondering why? What could be the reason behind?

In this article, we will cover the prime reasons cougars on rich women site hits the poor, handsome guys:

Practice the Power

For years, men remain practicing their power over women, making them feel miserable. However, this method of dating a poor guy gives the cougar women an opportunity to feel the same power. They can make their guy act as per their wish. They can ask their men to make their daily routine as per their comfort and choice. And this way, feel like being on the driver seat.

So if you are ready to deal with a dominating partner, make your way to rich women dating sites today.

Feel the Security

Trust me; women go paranoid wondering what if their guy leaves them for someone else. They get furious and start ruining their own time and relationship in this insecurity. However, this situation has lesser-to-no possibility when they are hooking up with a poor man. The poor guys are unlikely to look for other women at the risk of losing one - the main source of funds. Besides, the poor and handsome boys come up with various values - building a secure relationship is one of them. This makes the cougars on online dating sites feel great about their man and thus, they prefer picking a partner with lower income.

Get More Time and Attention

Wealthy men are always occupied with their work, meetings, parties, and trips. They hardly find time for their lady. But a poor man has only two main elements of their lives - doing his job and loving his lady. This implies a poor man can provide the cougar with the time, attention, and love that she craves for, and the main reasons why she landed on a rich women dating site.

Now as you know the 3 main reasons why a rich cougar would surely pick a poor guy like you, what's your next move? Are you ready to hunt for a rich woman?