Cougar Women Dating Tips: 3 Ways to Maintain Attraction Level in Your Relationship

Cougar Women Dating Tips: 3 Ways to Maintain Attraction Level in Your Relationship

Cougar Women Dating
For a longer period of time, you were praying to God that 'I need a cougar' and God has listened to your prayers. You have finally found a cougar - the one you wish to find beside you in every situation, and everything is going quite well between you two.

But wait, all of sudden, you starting finding her unattractive. You have begun to find excuses to stay away from her. If this is what you are experiencing right now, this cougar women dating blog is all you need to read at once:

1. Determine What You Find Unattractive in Her

Many times, we find someone attractive due to one or another habit or activity. When she stops considering that activity or change that habit, you start getting the feeling that she has turned out to be less attractive.

Therefore, whatever the issue is, speak to her. Let her know what you find the best in her when you found her on cougar women dating site and how its absence makes you feel less attractive. But be sure that you do not compel her to do so. Let her decide if she's ready to work on it or not.

2. Bear in Mind It's a Two-Way Street

If you feel like your cougar partner does not look attractive anymore, look into the mirror first. Attraction is more often a two-way street. If she seems unattractive to you now, it might be possible that she too is going through the same thoughts. It might be possible that you too have become less attractive now.

So rather than pissing off at her unattractiveness, work together on how you both can add attraction into your relationship. Start hitting a gym together or participate in some activity like running, hiking, or biking, and rework on your interest in each other. This will help you both look attractive as well as build a stronger emotional connectivity.

3. Don't be Afraid to Dress Up

At the initiation of a relationship, we pay more attention to how we look, we enjoy giving surprises to each other and intimate to the fullest. However, as the relationship reaches another level, we become more comfortable in our skin and pay less attention to embrace our beauty. If this is a reason why you find your cougar lady less attractive now, give her more reasons to dress up nicely. Look handsome and plan different dates, which make her find the need to dress up and steal your heart once again.