What Qualities do Older Women want in a Younger Man?

What Qualities do Older Women want in a Younger Man?

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The reasons why many older, successful women are dating younger men is close to the same as the reasons why many older, successful men are dating younger women. Although youth and appearance are factors, the main one appears to be the willingness of the younger men to accommodate what the cougar singles want in them.

This is one big reason why older women dating younger men has been occurring seemingly more frequently in recent years. History has shown that older men and women who have wealth tend to gravitate towards their younger counterparts. However, there are things that younger men can do to make themselves more approachable if they find older women more appealing.

Here are some tips for you to follow for becoming more appealing to the cougar singles:

1. Be Honest

While it's true that women value different things in men, honesty is at the top of the list. Being honest means that you can be trusted which is so important. Being honest is so important that it can outweigh other factors, so you should strive to be as honest as possible in your relationship with an older woman.

This means telling her everything that is relevant to your relationship, especially any new events that may affect your dating status with her. In other words, it's better for her to find out something bad quickly rather than trying to hide it if you want to keep her trust.

2. Be Complimentary

When you learn more about how she achieved her goals in life, be complimentary of what she has accomplished. This shows your admiration for her while demonstrating that you recognize the achievements she has managed to accumulate over the years. It's also a good conversation starter if you frame the question in the right way. So be sure to ask in the proper manner how she achieved her status.

3. Have Fun

One characteristic that often gets cited by older women is dating younger men who are relaxed, have a good sense of humor and like to have fun. Laughter is quite attractive for the cougar singles. So use it to your advantage by keeping things light and having fun. Laughter is not only infectious, but it also demonstrates confidence that she will appreciate. Of course, you will need to be serious when it matters, but for the most part, taking things in stride is a quality that she will appreciate.

4. Put the Age Question to Rest

For younger men on their first date with an older woman, put the age question to rest as soon as you can. This means being confident in who you are and in confronting the big question about the age difference. Therefore, your first date should address this issue in some definitive way so that you can move on with getting to know each other. This is a quality that older women will appreciate.

Wrap Up

There are many aspects of older women dating younger men that cannot be resolved with a few tips. You will need to feel your way through the process, taking the time to listen and learn to avoid potential pitfalls while making her feel more appreciated.